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Center For International Education MSU
Lomonosov Moscow State University
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About Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University is the oldest and largest classic university in Russia. Founded in 1755, now it’s an important scientific and cultural center uniting 29 faculties, 10 educational institutions and other structures.

Every year over 40 thousand students study at the MSU, over 5 thousand are foreign students from 80 countries. The students are trained by 9 thousand teachers holding doctoral degrees.

MSU faculties and educational institutions

• Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
• Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetic
• Faculty of Physics
• Faculty of Chemistry
• Faculty of Biology
• Faculty of Biological Engineering and Bioinformatics
• Faculty of Soil Science
• Faculty of Geology
• Faculty of Geography
• Faculty of Materials Science
• Faculty of Fundamental Medicine
• Faculty of History
• Faculty of Philology
• Faculty of Philosophy
• Faculty of Economics
• Higher School of Business Administraion
• Moscow School of Economics
• Faculty of Law
• Faculty of Public Administration
• Faculty of Journalism
• Faculty of Sociology
• Faculty of Psychology
• Institute of Asian and African Studies
• Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies
• Higher School of Translation and Interpretation
• Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts
• Faculty of World Politics
• Faculty of Global processes
• Center for International Education

Foreign students undergo training at the Center for International Education before entering the main faculties of the MSU. The CIE is the first preparatory faculty for foreign students in Russia (founded in 1954). More than 50 thousand foreign citizens from 130 countries have graduated from the Center.

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