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Terms of Study

The CIE provides tuition in Russian in accordance with the course of study and study programmes depending on the chosen subjects, goals, and forms of study as stated in the student’s contract. Study groups are formed by the CIE administration according to the educational needs and the syllabi and can be reformed at any time if required.

The CIE gives an opportunity to the students to buy required study materials, including audio and video materials. Also the students can use the library, audio collections, video- and computer classes of the Center.

The CIE provides the students with the official documents verifying their status as fully registered members of the University.

Students are expected to attend classes, complete academic assignments, observe the University rules and regulations.

The CIE is not responsible for students’ failure to attend classes and has no obligation to make up for any missed classes.

There will be no classes on the days of Russian public holidays that coincide with teaching days.

Those students who successfully complete their course of study receive a certificate to that effect from the CIE.

The CIE reserves the right to expel any student who is in breach of the laws of the Russian Federation, is found unfit to study for medical or other reasons, has failed to meet the terms of the contract or has behaved in a prejudicial manner adverse to the running of the CIE.

Expelled students are not entitled to any tuition fees refund.

Invitation and Visa

To study at the CIE applicants are requested to fill in an application form on our site or print it, fill in and send by fax +7 495 125 4461 to the CIE Recruitment and Enrollment Office, together with a copy of the applicant’s passport, no later than a month and a half before the proposed date of arrival.

IMPORTANT! Note that the applicant’s passport should be valid for a period of at least 18 months following the proposed date of arrival to Moscow.

The above documents are required by the CIE for the MSU International Office to issue an official invitation on our behalf. The invitation is then sent to the address specified in the application form. On request, the invitation can be sent by the express mail or an international courier service, in which case the applicant pays the delivery charges.

Having received the invitation, the applicant can apply for a visa at the nearest Russian Consulate. When filling in a visa application form, make sure that the field “Purpose of Journey” reads “Education”, and the field “Institution” reads “Lomonosov Moscow State University”

Visas and passports of foreign students who have arrived in Russia with purposes other than to study at this institution cannot be registered by the CIE.

You may also need documents confirming academic background.

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