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Documents Confirming Academic Background

Students having the school completion certificates and the secondary school matriculation certificates received abroad are to get nostrification certificate for these documents. This can be done at CIE MSU.

To do this you will have to fill in an application for nostrification (on arrival to CIE MSU).

Documents to be submit:
1. copy of student’s passport;
2. documents as detailed as possible about the foreign study programme, e. g. curriculum, course book, student’s guide, examination certificates, scientific papers and/or practical work, diplomas, etc. The papers are to be legalized in the country of issue (e. g. enclose a letter from an appropriate authority [Ministry of Education, local educational authority, Foreign service representative office or a consular office], stating that the school completion certificate gives the right to apply for admission to a higher education institutions in the country where the certificate is issued;
3. two notarially certified copies of the documents on education and appendices to it;
4. two copies of notarially certified translation into Russian of the documents on education and appendices to it.

The number of documents required may depend on the country of issue: many countries are entitled to a simplified procedure of nostrification or demand none at all.

For more information:
Marina Zhitnikova
Phone/Fax: +7 495 939 5980

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