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Graduates of CIE MSU — former Pre-University Department of Moscow State University is a huge friendly family spread worldwide. They received fundamental education which allowed them to achieve significant results in different areas. They are excellent experts wanted in the most important and perspective spheres of human activity — such as science, arts, education, medicine, economy; they are members of cultural and political elite of their countries.

We are proud of our graduates. It is important for us to know how they live now; what was their further destiny. Our teachers keep in touch with their former students, they remember and love everyone they used to teach. In 2004 when the 50th anniversary CIE MSU was celebrated, many graduates arrived to take part in the anniversary conference. We would like that such meetings became a good tradition.

Dear graduates! We are always glad to welcome you here! Keep in touch, write letters, send your photos to us. Your information may be placed on this site. We’d like to establish Association of CIE MSU graduates and friends. This will help you to recollect student years, to find old and to discover new friends. We’re looking forward to hear from you!

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