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Academic Programmes
Russian Language Programmes

• are available at 6 levels (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment);
• the minimum period of study is 4 weeks;
• full-time tuition (26 academic hours per week — 5 days a week) as well as part-time tuition (18 academic hours per week — 3 days a week) are available during the academic year (September–July) and during the summer courses (June–August).

Elective Courses

A number of electives are offered:
• “Russia today”;
• “Russian world”;
• elective courses on Russian history;
• elective courses Russian literature.

There are also summer elective courses:
• “The World of Russian Cinema”;
• “The World of Russian Culture”;
• “Pronunciation Practice and Russian poetry”.

Pre-university Training

prepares students to enter university degree programmes (undergraduate or graduate) in Russian Federation:
• includes training in:
  • General Russian;
  • Russian for academic purposes;
  • Major subjects;
• 5 days per week (24–26 hours/week) of classes and workshops;
• standard programme (9-month = 2 semesters) as well as prolonged programme (12-month = 3 semesters) available;
• academic year starts in September.

Excursions and Cultural Programmes

are offered within the frameworks of Russian Language Programmes and Pre-University Training.

Distance Learning

We offer an engaging online course of the Russian language and culture “Russia on air” (based on popular Russian TV programs). The course targets at intermediate and advanced students.

Language Testing

• at 6 levels
• all language skills — listening, reading, writing and speaking;
• for all those who intend to study or work in the Russian Federation (or where Russian is the language of communication).

Teacher Training in the Field of Russian as a Foreign Language

is offered in the form of
• refresher courses (brief and standard);
• traineeship;
• professional retraining.

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